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    Designed with independent, multi-axial (iMX) technology, the WalkTek prosthetic foot represents a breakthrough in performance for single speed ambulators (K2 level amputees). Featuring fully independent suspension with separate heel and toe compliance, WalkTek provides excellent stability and support. Users will experience increased confidence when performing day-to-day activities. Prosthetists will appreciate the durable design with easy to access ankle height adjustments.


    Ideal for K2, Limited Community Ambulators
    The WalkTek prosthetic foot provides single-speed ambulators with a sense of security and greater confidence in their ability to participate in everyday life.

    Superior Support and Stability
    iMX Technology delivers controlled, multi-axial movement and outstanding ground compliance to overcome small community obstacles and changes in surface angles.

    Greater Versatility
    Rated for users weighing up to 136 kg (300 lbs), the WalkTek°«s performance advantages are available for a broad range of amputees.

    Exceptional Ease-of-Use
    A convenient, ankle-height pyramid simplifies the WalkTek fitting process by making adjustments quick and easy.

    Reliable and Dependable
    The WalkTek prosthetic foot features heavy-duty, graphite composite construction and an extremely durable, low-maintenance design, providing you peace of mind.


    Part : VS3
    Sizes: 21-30cm
    User Weight Rating: Users weighing up to 136 kg (300 lbs)
    Stiffness categories: 4
    Connector: Male pyramid
    Heel Height: 3/8°Ū (10 mm)
    Warranty: Foot module 12 months, Shell 6 months