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    Mauch® Knee

    Don't be fooled by the sophisticated profile, with the extension stop, lightweight Aluminum construction and enhanced spherical bearings, the Mauch Knee is capable of withstanding the most unpredictable conditions.

    Single axis hydraulic knee system with swing and stance control (SNSR). Designed for multi-speed ambulation.
    Durable and secure motion.
    Ultra-durable Aluminum frame.
    Weight limit of 136kg (300lbs).
    Roller bearings at knee axis and cylinder attachment points for smooth action.
    Yielding stance control.
    Mode selector switch allows manual locking and free swing functions.
    Smooth profile assists with cosmetic finishing.
    Low Swing Resistance kits and High Stance Resistance kits are also available.

    Active lifestyles require prosthetics that can keep pace. Enter the Mauch Knee - strong, versatile and efficient.

    Experience the attributes of a natural knee with the Mauch Knee. Whether playing sports or walking varied terrain, it consistently delivers less strenuous and a more controlled natural movement. It also makes a real difference on stairs.

    Trustworthy and tough enough for energetic tasks, this everyday knee looks smart and performs well.

    Who is Mauch Knee for:

    People who have the ability or potential to walk at different speeds.
    Users that can perceive and actively control knee stability under changing conditions
    Those who are looking for a reliable knee to help them enjoy an active lifestyle.
    Users that are interested in advanced performance functions, i.e. natural stair and ramp descent, running and/or cycling

    The technical stuff

    Mauch hydraulic cylinder technology simulates the natural movement of the knee joint. Pressurized hydraulic fluid acts on a piston inside the cylinder to deliver controlled linear motion throughout the different phases of walking (stance and swing). As soon as weight is put on the knee, consistent and secure support is provided. At the end of each stride, the knee automatically goes into swing motion to enable the user to step forward smoothly.

    State of the art components contribute to the Mauch Knee”Ēs fluid motion and durability, while tiny extension stoppers prevent it from extending too far when stepping forward. The knee has a strong aluminum frame that is protected with rubber covers, front and back. It weighs 2.5lbs / 1140g.