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    Kinterra Hydraulic Foot

    The Kinterra Foot/Ankle System combines hydraulics and carbon fiber technology to provide low to moderate impact K3 ambulators an exceptionally normal walking gait ? regardless of surface angle or speed.


    Increased ground contact and a more symmetrical gait
    Improved stability and safety, especially on slopes and varied terrain
    Reduced socket pressures for healthier residual limbs
    Enhanced comfort while sitting and squatting
    User confidence and satisfaction


    Range of Ankle Motion: 12 degrees
    Sizes: 22-31cm (Sandal toe option available sizes 22-28cm)
    Build Height (averages): 120mm (4.3") 25cm
    User Weight Rating: 275 lbs. (125kg)
    Product Weight (averages): 795g (25cm including foot shell)
    Stiffness Categories: 7 (low & moderate impact)
    Heel Height:3/" (10 mm)
    Warranty: 36-months (shell 6 months)