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    Iceross ® Transfemoral Locking Liner

    Iceross Transfemoral is the first suspension liner exclusively designed to provide maximum stability and control for transfemoral amputees. With new textile that has improved the adhesion by 25%, the fabric cover is extremely durable and allows radial stretch and comfortable elasticity.

    Ossur recommends that Iceross Transfemoral Liner is used in conjunction with the IcelockR 200 Series.

    Limb loss above the knee usually equates to a lot of soft skin tissue in the residual limb. This needs to be well stabilized in order to get the most out of any prosthesis, however high-tech it may be. Good stabilization starts with a high quality liner such as Iceross Transfemoral, the first silicone liner designed specifically for above-knee use.

    Iceross Transfemoral is exclusively for people with an above-knee amputation. It has been carefully designed to provide maximum stability and control. Unlike ordinary liners (used below the knee), its superior anatomical fit means there is no need for supplementary straps and belts to fix the prosthesis to the limb.

    Users experience a firm and secure fit within the socket, with minimal movement. This is important because the less the residual limb moves within the socket, the less tiring and the more comfortable it is to walk.

    Who it is for:

    People with above-knee amputations.
    Those with any kind of lifestyle/ activity level, including very active ones.
    People who want secure, comfortable suspension.

    The technical stuff

    The stretchable profile of Iceross Transfemoral, along with a gently contoured interior, is designed to fit the anatomy of the femur and the thigh, providing comfortable stabilization of soft skin tissues. The stabilizing matrix, a patented fabric weave integrated within the liner, prevents it from being stretched up and down when in use (a movement called pistoning), and the ARC system (Advanced Rotation Control) effectively minimizes rotation of the socket keeping it firmly in place when the limb moves.

    Iceross Transfemoral is available in a wide range of sizes and in standard or conical profiles (for wider limbs). It incorporates Aloe Vera and VaselineR for active skincare. Choose between a locking system and the original Seal-InR system for comfortable, secure suspension of the prosthesis.