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    Iceross Dermo Seal-In®

    Made with the softest silicone, Iceross Dermo cushions the limb while actively caring for the skin.

    Ideal for vascular patients and those with sensitive skin. Iceross Dermo is a premium suspension liner that provides superb softness, gentle skin contact and unique Active Skin Care ingredients. The combination of DermoGelR silicone with an ultra-strong and elastic SupplexR fabric cover offers excellent durability and an intimate fit.

    Ossur recommends that Iceross Dermo Seal-In Liner is used in conjunction with the IcelockR 500 Series Expulsion Valve.

    People with sensitive skin want a liner that's sensitive to their needs, which is why Ossur designed the Iceross Dermo ? a socket liner that soothes the skin and gently cushions the limb, ideal for vascular patients and those with diabetes or sensitive skin.

    Made with the softest silicone, Iceross Dermo cushions the limb while actively caring for the skin. The soft silicone helps relieve any pressure or discomfort that bony prominences sensitive areas or scarred skin tissues can sometimes produce.

    The ring around the lower part of the liner creates an airtight seal as the user steps into the socket, so there is no need for an extra sleeve to hold the socket in place. That means greater freedom of movement, as well as a more comfortable fit.

    This Seal-InR system also makes it easy to release the limb for a breather when sitting down. A simple touch of the button releases the air and therefore the seal. When standing up again, all the user has to do is step into the socket firmly and the liner literally seals itself in again.

    Who it is for:

    People with lower to moderately active lifestyles.
    Those who want comfortable cushioning with the added benefit of Active Skin Care.
    People with diabetes or compromised vascular conditions.

    The technical stuff

    Iceross Dermo Seal-In is made of DermoGelR, a special blend of softer silicone that helps create an intimate fit and incorporates Aloe Vera and VaselineR for active skin care. Silicone is bio-inert, which means it does not react with the skin in any way. It is easy to clean and a strong, elastic outer cover made of SupplexR makes this liner very durable as well.