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    Flex-Foot Cheetah®

    A true champion - The only prosthetic foot that has ever run the Olympics.

    The Cheetah was the first sport foot of it°«s kind when first launched in 1996. Ever since the Cheetah has been the foot of choice for athletes around the globe.

    Cheetah is recommended for longer distance running for TT users that do not have clearance for Flex-Run with Nike Sole. For sprinting the new Team Ossur favorites, Cheetah Xtreme and Cheetah Xtend are recommended.

    It has broken all manner of records and, like its namesake, the Cheetah runs like the wind. An agile sprinting foot, it is used mainly by people with below-knee amputations, but is also suitable for some above- knee users. The design captures the running characteristics of the Cheetah, the world°«s fastest land animal. It replicates the big cat°«s hind leg, whose foot extends and reaches out to paw at the ground while the large thigh muscles pull the body forward.