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    Director's Message

    Director's Message

    Neeraj Saxena
    P&O International Inc.
    ( )

    " As Our tagline asserts 'From Disability to Ability...and Beyond!' we are here to enable every amputee resurrect his Ability and then push on to achieve much more. Let loss of a limb not be the hurdle for accomplishing your aim. Armed with the best Solutions and Services, We are here with you walking every step to that exalted goal...!"



    Established over a quarter of a century ago, P&O International is one of the oldest Prosthetics & Orthotics company in India. Over these years, with our diligent and honest efforts, we have grown to be a reputed and reliable provider of comprehensive rehabilitative solutions to one and all. We are now one of the largest supplier & exporter of P&O Products worldwide and provider of clinical services in India.

    We have ties with leading brands worldwide for supplying their products in the shortest time at the most economical rates. Our repertoire includes all kinds of Prostheticand Orthoticcomponents, materials , CAD-CAM systems , machinery and equipment, foot scanners and millers, and a comprehensive set of off-the shelf Prosthetic and Orthotic products.

    Associated with Ossur, keeping ahead of times, we are aggressively moving ahead with Intelligent (BIONIC) lower limb prostheses that works as an integrated extension of the user replicating true muscle activity to regain maximum functionality.

    Our exclusive alliance with TouchBionics has brought to India the i-Limb hand. The Robotic hand with fully powered fingers and an articulated rotatable thumb affords the ability to bend, touch, pick up & point that matches the action of a natural hand. Living skin from is Touchbionics line of passive functional prosthetic with high definition silicone which offers solutions then match skin tone and appearance be variety of patients.

    Easy Life, our own brand of precision engineered Prosthetic components, are manufactured to Internationally established standards of quality test & certification, and are popular and widely used in domestic and international markets.

    Apart from supply and distribution of rehab related devices and materials, we also provide direct clinical rehab services through our 14 centers of international standards that are manned with highly qualified and experienced clinical and technical staff. We have set up center Nigeria also. Noteworthy of mention is that our supply and clinical services include the osseointegrated Technology (Ears, Eyes, Nose Finger and Thumb ) that allows cosmeto-functional rehabilitation of the highest order,Introduced in 2010, we are proud to be the only provider of such services in India.

    Overseas Association
    Ossur, Asia,Touch Bionic,UK, Nabtesco, Japan, Trulife, USA, Freedom
    Innovation, USA, PMT, USA.

    Quality Certification
    ISO – 9001-2008, ISO 13485: 2012, CE Mark – ITC CE NO. 130395T/IT