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    Serviced Suites

    Aspire Liner

    Locking umbrella: more secure suspension
    3mm stiff Silicone: increases durability, better soft tissue stabilization
    10cm matrix: improves distal end stability, decreases elongation
    Textile: easier donning and doffing, more cosmetic color Carbon
    ASPIRETM User Profile

    Amputation Type: Unilateral and Bilateral transtibial (BK)
    User Impact Levels: Low, Moderate, High
    Clearance: Between 19 and 33cm (floor to end of liner)
    Max Body Weight: 80kg for foot sizes 22-24, 100 kg for foot sizes 25-28
    Foot size range: 22-28
    Liner size range: 18-36


    Firm but gentle silicone provides increased durability and better soft tissue stabilization; reduces shear forces and peak pressures inside the socket
    Minimizes longitudinal stretch and pistoning
    Properly distributes suspension forces
    Easier to don and doff; more cosmetic color