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    About Us

    P&O International: Every Journey Begins With a Single Step :
    P&O International's prime focus is to prepare physically disabled persons to live normal life and compete with the common people in day to day life. P&O International gives shape to this dream with the help of Hi-Tech Prosthetics, Osseointegrated technology and intelligent artificial limbs/ sensor prosthetic Robotic hands ete.

    After an accident, you may need a brace to support your knee while it heals, or a moonboot after an ankle injury. Perhaps you have a foot condition that would benefit from a customized insole. You may need a neck support, or perhaps special footwear due to diabetes or a foot problem. We can help.

    We work with health professionals in various disciplines and with clients of all ages:

    Paediatric physiotherapists and children with disabilities

    Sports physicians and athletes

    Podiatrists with diabetic patients

    Orthopaedic surgeons in fracture clinics

    Doctors in hospital Intensive Care Units

    We emphasize the importance of personalized care for our patients, delivering the most comfortable and functional customised prosthetic device possible to fit your needs. Our experienced practitioners use current technologies and innovative practices to ensure the highest care and quality of service to cater to your unique needs. We ensure that our patients understand the short and long-term processes to optimize each individual outcomes and experiences.